switzerland´s first international art fair
dedicated to photography based art.


 june 14 - 18, 2017


introducing the photo basel circles of experts.
photo basel is an international art fair dedicated to photography based art, from classic to contemporary, fostering and strengthening the dialogue between all art professionals.

In order to reach excellence, photo basel will go a new way in combining synergies from galleries, museum experts, collectors and curators, all working seamlessly hand in hand for the common shared vision.

For the 2017 photo basel art fair, photo basel launches it’s two circle of experts:

The advisory circle will consist mostly of galleries and it is not to be mistaken as "Selection Committee" - thus mainly because we strongly believe that no gallery should "judge" another gallery. As galleries are the centrepiece of any art fair, their inputs, suggestions and feedback is necessary to constantly improve our services.

The curatorial circle will be in charge of reviewing and selecting all the content of photo basel (including a selection of participating galleries and exhibitors), special projects and special exhibitions.

At the end of the day, we consider each stakeholder as an extended “family member” that contributes to the sustainable success of photo basel art fair.


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