switzerland´s first international art fair
dedicated to photography based art.


 june 14 - 18, 2017



We are striving to create a hub for artistic photography in the cultural capital of Switzerland, Basel. Our goal is to ignite photography in Basel for the long haul. Our vision is that each exhibitor, collector and visitor together are creating a unique photo basel DNA. We for sure want to show the most talented galleries and artists in the field of photography. Furthermore we want to highlight the location Basel, as the epicentre for cultural high-life and art capital in the world.
In addition, we strongly hope to emotionally touch people with what we do and challenge the status quo for a future change of how to perceive art and life itself. 


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next show: June 14 - 18, 2017  |  Volkshaus Basel  |   Rebgasse 12, CH-4058 Basel
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