switzerland´s first international art fair
solely dedicated to photography.


june 15 - 19, 2016


we're very proud to announce you our selection of our exhibiting galleries and the artists shown at photo basel 2016 (to see the artists please scroll down):

@ photo basel:
Booth 22
The Bildhalle - a gallery for contemporary and classic photography – is one of few galleries in Switzerland devoted entirely to photography. It lays particular emphasis on young emerging photographers, and, at the same time, is representing some well established international photographers. Mirjam Cavegn, the founder of the Bildhalle, spent years developing photography books as a international publisher. Her curiosity and fascination with the genre of photography are reflected in the wide-ranging programme of exhibitions organized by the Bildhalle.
In August 2016, the gallery will move to the center of Zurich and open its new location with a big solo exhibition of the work of Werner Bischof.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder der Bildhalle

camara oscura galeria de arte
@ photo basel:
Booth 07
camara oscura is a multidisciplinary art gallery specialising in international contemporary photography. We are committed to interdisciplinary artists, especially to “emerging” ones. Our value proposition is to present the best artists to collectors, selected with professional, alternative and transgressive criteria, as well as to promote our artists over the long term. Participation in national and international art fairs plays an important role for the gallery.
The gallery is situated just down the road from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS) and opposite the Caixaforum Arts Center (Fundación La Caixa), right in the heart of the gallery district of Madrid.
camara oscura is a member of ARTE_MADRID, and Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo (IAC).
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von camera oscura galerie de arte

@ photo basel:
Booth 25
The Sound of Latin America
Our theme focus at Photo Basel 16 is Latin America and in particular the contemporary Cuban photographic scene.
Since the revolution in Cuba in the 1960’s, photography has always played an important part of the art scene in Cuba and is a genre-supported by the party. It is these famous “Che” photographs by Alberto Korda or René Burri that have influenced our imagination with regard to the revolution and Cuban society up until today.
By exhibiting the works of the photographers Juan Carlos Alom (1964 Havana) and René Peña (1957 Havana), we display two important representatives of Cuba’s post-1990 photographic scene.
The works shown by Adrian Fernandez (1984 Havanna) are from the series “Epilogue II” and “To Be or To Pretend” – these are vibrant colour photographs by a promising young photographer from Havana.
Balthasar Burkhard (1944-2010), a photographer known for his monochromatic black and white photography, will show his work “Mexico” from the “Cities” series.
René Burri (1933-2014), Swiss Magnum photographer, will display well-known subjects from his Latin American series at our stand.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von FABIAN + CLAUDE WALTER GALERIE

Flatland Gallery
The Netherlands
@ photo basel:
Booth 14
Flatland Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Amsterdam. The gallery is internationally acclaimed (especially) in the field of contemporary photography and has a high reputation for film, video, installations, sculptures, painting and drawings. The success of Flatland Gallery can be attributed to the twin pillars of a cosmopolitan outlook and an independent standpoint. Flatland’s programme encompasses exhibitions and events characterized by a particular audacity. Shows have included ‘hunting. a world of intense concentration’ that not only included international loans from museums,, but encompassed a performance. In 2016 a group show GARDENING is staged that includes artists such as Guy Yanai, Anouk Griffioen and Jocelyn Lee. Alongside its gallery programme, Flatland supports greater freedom for young artists to be experimental such as Gioia de Bruijn (cum laude graduate Camberwell College of Art, London)and Katharine Cooper, who recently went to Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan to document the lives of those who are persecuted by Daech.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Flatland Gallery

Galerie Alain Gutharc
@ photo basel:
Booth 27
The Alain Gutharc Gallery opened in 1992, with the project to present and represent living artists engaged in contemporary art practices, regardless of their favoured medium, it being either painting, sculpture, photography, video or installation…
Since 2006 the gallery Alain Gutharc has found a new ground in the district of Marais, rue Saint-Claude, one of the liveliest centers for contemporary art in Paris.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Alain Gutharc

Galerie Binôme
@ photo basel:
Booth 26
Galerie Binôme opened in the Marais in Paris in October 2010 and is devoted to contemporary photography. In parallel to an annual programme of monographic and group exhibitions, it participates in Mois de la Photo in Paris and regularly exhibits in international contemporary art and photography fairs. Member of the Comité professionnel des galeries d’art and co-founder of Photo District Marais, Galerie Binôme collaborates with various other key figures in the world of art and photography, curators, privat and public institutions.
Galerie Binôme opens his program to emerging artists from contemporary art. The selection leans more specifically towards visual arts, in search of new forms of photography. These artists, from a variety of backgrounds, from conceptual photography, sculpture, performance, drawing and writing, explore the boundaries of medium and supports. To define the domain of photography, its scope and limits, as well as the post-photographic condition, are at the heart of the research carried out by the gallery.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Binôme

Galerie Caroline Smulders
@ photo basel:
Booth 23
Gallery member of the French professional committee of art galleries. Director of Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris from 1992 to 2002, director of post-war and contemporary department, Christie’s France from 2002 to 2006, Caroline Smulders created her own company in 2007. Caroline Smulders gallery represents a select group of artists, exhibited every year in France and abroad. Her partnership with different galleries creates a dynamic context that opens new horizons to collectors, not limited to the represented artists.
The two addresses, in Paris and in Saint-Denis- de-la- Réunion, are used as living and creative exhibition spaces where artists, curators and collectors interact. Two mobile spaces, in which are planned larger exhibitions in different places.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Caroline Smulders

Galerie Catherine et André Hug
@ photo basel:
Booth 04
Catherine and André Hug Gallery was founded in Paris in 2000. Located in the heart of Saint Germain des Près, Paris’ artistic and historic district, the Gallery is primarily dedicated to contemporary art, representing artists of various expressions - from painting to installation, drawing and sculpture - the gallery has gradually dedicated itself to photography and for the last five years exclusively to photographic works.
The Catherine and André Hug Gallery chose photography to explore the mode of expression of this medium, particularly through classic documentary style photographers or fictional form enabled by the medium. Additionally, the gallery especially chose photography for its questioning of reality, its narrative potential or exploration of the dream that inhabits man. For the past five years, the gallery presented, among others, the documentary work of the famous American photographer Susan Meiselas (Prince Street Girls, 1976), the far north exploration of British photographer Stuart Franklin (Narcissus, 2010), classical and meditative landscapes of Italian George Tatge, fictions by Canadian Kourtney Roy, the one of a kind artworks imbued with a feeling of timelessness and ambiguity from Joni Sternbach and the cinematics images from Maroesjka Lavigne.
The gallery is developing its photographic programme by comparing historical series to most contemporary expressions. Discoveries and rediscoveries allow to question time and reality, two foundations of photography.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Catherine et André Hug

Galerie Christophe Gaillard
@ photo basel:
Booth 12
Founded in 2007 rue de Thorigny, Paris, the gallery moved, in October 2015, to its 450m2 new location in the Marais, with two distinct spaces : FRONT SPACE and MAIN SPACE.
Though it shouldn't be seen as one of its guidelines, the Galerie Christophe Gaillard is proud to be working with many women artists. The gallery can be seen as a trajectory space for a new generation of emerging artists (Michelle Lopez, Rachel de Joode, Letha Wilson). It also represents great figures of contemporary art (Hélène Delprat, Sigalit Landau). Futhermore, working with the agreement of the estate, the gallery aims at enhancing the pertinence of recognized artists from the 60s to the 90s like Tetsumi Kudo and Daniel Pommereulle in light of actual art practices.
The gallery opens up to the international market by developing a network of partner galleries and by taking part in many art fairs such as Paris Photo, Artissima, Loop, NADA, abc berlin, FIAC OFFicielle, Vienna Contemporary....
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Christophe Gaillard

Galerie Dix9
@ photo basel:
Booth 20
Located in Le Marais in Paris, Galerie Dix9 opened its doors by the end of 2007
Helene Lacharmoise, after initially studying political sciences, turned to art and specialized in contemporary art and cinema during her recent studies at the Ecole du Louvre and at the Sorbonne in Paris
Pursuing a consistent and personal line, the gallery puts the emphasis on the artist's vision and its relation to the medium used. Nevertheless the gallery has a clear photographic bent. The choice of artists is determined by a true fit between them and the gallery. Their canvas is reality.
Their work is about the dimension of time, whether in the intimate, social or political sphere, concerned with evolving societies, caught between past and future, delusion and objectivity.
Memory and forgetfulness. Image and identity.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Dix9

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
@ photo basel:
Booth 28
Located in Paris since 1996, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff is specialized in contemporary photography with recognized and mid-career artists.
Dynamic, with six to eight exhibitions every year and a regular presence at international art fairs, the Galerie Esther Woerdehoff is an essential address for photography collectors and lovers all over the world.
For this second edition of Photo Basel, the gallery will highlight the surrealistic vision of Spanish photographer Chema Madoz and the embroidered, three-dimensional photographic work by Iris Hutegger.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

Galerie Eva Meyer
@ photo basel:
Booth 18
Galerie Eva Meyer (previously marion meyer contemporain) is an unique contemporary art space located in Paris, Marais. It was opened in january 2010. Its focus and main objective is to promote and diffuse the artworks of contemporary French and European artists through the organization of exhibitions in situ but also through participation in art fairs and organization of the extramurral exhibitions.
From its very opening, the gallery seeks to present the diversity of the contemporary art techniques and innovative practices while working with established artists and producing original curatorial projects or group shows.
Member of Comité Professionnel des Galeries d'Art
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Eva Meyer

Galerie in camera
@ photo basel:
Booth 15
in camera gallery was founded in Paris in June 2008 by Hanane Hilmi and Jean Noël de Soye.
Its ambition is to support the photography of contemporary and 20th century photographers.
Most of the artists of the gallery are internationally renowned, their works have been published in numerous editorials and are part of many public and private collections.
in camera continues its international development in working with worldwide acclaimed artists such as Robert Longo.
The gallery is also associated with The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie in camera

Galerie Laurence Bernard
@ photo basel:
Booth 13
Created in September 2014, Laurence Bernard Gallery represents both Swiss and international artists. The programming focuses on the links between art and notions of environment, space and architecture. Researches are concentrated on conceptual and abstract art, through various media, such as video, performance, photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. Each year, the gallery proposes a non-commercial project within its space. In 2014, the Chapuisat Brothers, created ANTRE, a hybrid installation in between architecture and sculpture, in the gallery’s new space in the Quartier des Bains. The gallery underwent a transformation during the exhibition, its architecture modified in deep and radical ways, becoming a playground for adult explorers. In 2p15, the French artist Stéphane Thidet touched down in a revisited version of space capsule, the result of a collapsing together of Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden, or Life in the Woods (1854) and the 1958 Mercury Seven program. Thidet’s piece simultaneously brings together electronic music, sculpture and performance.
This year, Séverine Hubard will intervene directly in the architecture of the gallery, creating a space in which the hanging of the works and the layout of walls will play off each other in a symmetrical call-and-response
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Laurence Bernard

Galerie Monika Wertheimer
@ photo basel:
Booth 9
Galerie Monika Wertheimer was officially founded in 2001. The gallery space has vastly improved since those early days and thinking back it is hard to imagine how the artists endured to exhibit in the tiny room that was the gallery space until 2005. ln 2005, the Galerie Monika Wertheimer moved to its present day location, a light filled space in a former brick factory in Oberwil, just outside the Baselcity Iimits. Sur-rounded by 60 creative ateliers of all kinds, it's the ideal place for a gal-lery representing ernerging photographic art.
The aim of the gallery remains to discover and support the work of promising young photographers (mostly Swiss, but not exclusively), of-ten giving them their first opportunity to exhibit their works profession-ally and to be introduced to a select audience of high-end collectors from the Basei/Zurich region.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Monika Wertheimer

Galerie SIT DOWN
@ photo basel:
Booth 03
Established in Le Marais area in Paris, close to the Picasso Museum, SIT DOWN gallery was founded by Françoise Bornstein in 2005 and is a member of Le Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art.
Since 2013 the gallery has been entirely devoted to photography, and its programming consists primarily of documentary and fine-art photography.
The gallery aims to showcase young emerging photographers (Alisa Resnik, Aurore Bagarry...) and support renowned international photographers such as Tom Wood, Yan Morvan, Jérôme Brézillon, and Sacha Van Dorssen. In addition to organizing personal exhibitions, Françoise Bornstein invites curators to participate in exhibition projects during special events or art fairs. Through artist representation, SIT DOWN gallery has established itself as a major figure in documentary photography and opens its doors to the creativity of young photographers who bring new vision to this medium.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie SIT DOWN

Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève
@ photo basel:
Booth 01
Created in 2003, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve opened in the 13th arrondissement of Paris with a 200 square meters space dedicated to the diffusion, production and publication of contemporary art.
The gallery supports young and international contemporary artists and runs an international exhibition program in collaboration with museums, art centres and curators.
In 2008, Suzanne Tarasieve opened LOFT 19, an additional space in the heart of Belleville in Paris. Managed as a project space, LOFT 19 holds temporary exhibitions and provides a residency program to support foreign artists.
In 2011, the gallery space relocated from the 13th arrondissement to the Marais. This prime location, in the historical heart of Paris, provides an international exposure to the gallery's established and emerging artists and sustains a dynamic relationship with the projects held in LOFT 1.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève

Galerija Fotografija
@ photo basel:
Booth 11
Since its founding in 2003 Galerija Fotografija gallery is dedicated exclusively to fine art photography, representing photographers from both Slovenia and around the world. As Slovenia’s first private gallery for fine art photography, we pride ourselves as being leaders in presenting the art of photography to a discerning audience. From the very beginning our gallery has been dedicated to the promotion of slovenian photography at home and abroad. We organize exhibitions and workshops, and sell fine art photography. In 2014 a bookshop where we sell various publications dedicated to the photographic arts joined the gallery.
We also collaborate with other museums and galleries in Slovenia and abroad in organization of the photographic exhibitions.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Galerija Fotografija

@ photo basel:
Booth 16
Based in Antwerp (Bel) GALLERY FIFTY ONE is specialized in fine art photography: vintage, classic, fashion,African and contemporary photography.
Open in June 2000, the gallery is the only major art gallery in Belgium devoted exclusively to fine art photography. The gallery deals with young emerging photographers and established photographers of the 20th and 21st century.
Since 2009, the gallery also started a New York office to meet the growing demands of American clients.
Since 2011, the gallery started a dialogue between photography and works on paper. Regularly, these exhibitions are conducted to emphasize the artistic gaze of photography.
Since 2014 a new, additional gallery space is opened. It's program will focus on the dialogue between all the different art media, induced by photography. As the main gallery FIFTY ONE already incorporated this dialogue since 2011, here it will be in particular broaden up.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Gallery FIFTY ONE

Grundemark Nilsson Gallery
Germany / Sweden
@ photo basel:
Booth 24
Grundemark Nilsson Gallery was established 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden, and 2010 in Berlin, Germany. The private owned gallery represents an international diverse portfolio with a particular focus on the new generation of contemporary photo-based artists from Northern Europe, complemented by renowned masters such as Christer Strömholm and Dawid.
Over the years we have established an international platform for our artists through regular gallery exhibitions, documented in an annual catalogue. We are aiming to realize projects in and outside our galleries to promote our artists career.
We do participate regularly in international art and photography fairs such as Aipad, New York, Paris Photo and other contemporary art fairs around the globe.
Apart from our exhibition program we are engaged in art-related activities such as book productions, panel discussions and artist talks.
In January, 2016, Greger Ulf Nilson, curator, graphic designer and art director, joined us as a partner. April 9, 2016, the gallery opens a new space in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. Grundemark Nilsson Gallery is a member of AIPAD since 2012 (The Association of International Photography Art Dealers
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Grundemark Nilsson Gallery

Kahmann Gallery
The Netherlands
@ photo basel:
Booth 10
Kahmann Gallery embodies all that is photography. Founded in 2005 with a focus on Dutch vintage photography, the scope has broadened over time to include equal volumes of work of international and contemporary photographers. Kahmann Gallery will remain a specialist in the sale of unique photographs that has made history or will most likely do so.
Kahmann Gallery initiates about 6 exhibitions a year, cooperates with various international galleries and museums and participates in (inter)national art fairs. The gallery also acts as art dealer and advisor fort he acquisition of photography for private or corporate collections.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Kahmann Gallery

Kromus + Zink
@ photo basel:
Booth 2
KROMUS + ZINK (known as Galerie Zink Berlin) was established in January 2007 in Berlin. In 2015 Florian Kromus joined the gallery as partner. From the beginning the gallery was dedicated to show international positions with the intention to introduce these artists to a public of curators, critics and collectors. We see the mission of our gallery in giving opportunity to artists for development and exposure of their artistic work. At this moment KROMUS + ZINK is representing 17 international, emerging and established artists. The gallery’s program is tied up to a strong obligation to communicate art through clear and intense visual ideas. It is not limited to certain media, but displays the whole bandwidth from drawing, painting and sculpture to photography and video installation. Many of the shows of the past years has been a site specific dialogue of the artists with the exhibition space.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Kromus + Zink

@ photo basel:
Booth 6
MAGNIN-A is a gallery founded in 2009 in Paris by André Magnin, acknowledged expert in Contemporary and Modern African Art and directed by Philippe Boutté. MAGNIN-A gallery represents established and emerging artists with a mission to promote Contemporary African Art on the international art market.
MAGNIN-A is a project both esthetic and politic, committed in the defense and the promotion of African contemporary artists. Among those artists are : Joël Andrianomearisoa, Nathalie Boutté, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Omar Victor Diop, Romuald Hazoumé, Seydou Keïta, Bodys Isek Kingelez, Gonçalo Mabunda, Abu Bakarr Mansaray, JP Mika, Marcel Miracle, J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, Chéri Samba, Malick Sidibé, Kura Shomali...
MAGNIN-A gallery is involved in numerous exhibition in Europe, Africa and United – States : Musée du Louvre, Fondation Zinsou, Centre Pompidou, Fondation Cartier, Art Institute Chicago, Vitra Design Museum, Aperture Foundation and so on. MAGNIN-A participates at several Art Fairs such as: Paris-Photo, Paris 1:54, London and New York, Drawing Now, FIAC (OFF)ICIELLE, Paris and many more. Most of the artists represented have joined private and public collections in Europe and in the U.S.A.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von MAGNIN-A

Podbielski Contemporary
@ photo basel:
Booth 19
Pierre Andre Podbielski established Podbielski Contemporary in January 2011 in the heart of Berlin, Mitte. The emphasis of Podbielski Contemporary’s program is to represent a wide range of artists who narrate the geopolitics of the Balkans, the Middle East, Italy and Germany through transcultural perspectives. In the last five years since its inception, Podbielski Contemporary has held 5 exhibitions per year and attended a number of international art fairs, including Rome Road to Contemporary, London Art 13, Artissima 2013/2014/2015, MIA Fair Milan 2011-2015, MIA Singapore 2014, Art Paris 2015 and Context Art Miami 2015. Its main focus is to document geopolitical issues seen from an artistic perspective. Podbielski Contemporary seeks to promote, besides exhibitions, catalogues designed and published for each show and to address its work to international private and museum collections. Its founder strongly believes that a gallery, besides representing artists and promoting their works in the optimal way, should serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas about art and culture.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Podbielski Contemporary

Raffaella de Chirico Arte Contemporanea
@ photo basel:
Booth 8
The Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art gallery was founded in 2011 by Raffaella De Chirico who focused her program of exhibits production and realization of previously unseen projects in Italy for the most part, centering on artists under the age of 40 who had already distinguished themselves for their studies and artistic work outside Italy.
The same principle is applied to the historicized artists represented in the gallery, with particular regard to those whose studies stood out in 70s and 80s. A constant search for the “then/now” is the common thread that characterizes the attention to semantics and conceptual minimalism, looking for a kind of photography with a social and current events impression or for photojournalism and for new production materials. The end result is the search for a dialogue with the past, devoid of a nostalgic or caricature-like approach, but determined to unravel the peculiarities of the present in an attempt to stimulate discussion and dialogue.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Raffaella de Chirico Arte Contemporanea

School Gallery / Olivier Castaing
@ photo basel:
Booth 21
The photography occupies a quite particular place in the programming of the gallery, with personalities as Gilles CARON, the biggest French war photo reporter disappeared in 1970 or the british James HILL who join the team this spring. Many young talented photographers as the french Sacha GOLDBERGER with his legendary super heroes portraits, treated as Flemish portraits or Nicolas DHERVILLERS well known with is american night light in landscape photographies.Also two photographers from nordic school Joakim ENEROTH (Tate collection) or Susanna HESSELBERG and the australian Vee SPEERS with the Happy Days and Bulletproof series presented over the world. Finally the French duet BACHELOR CARON recognized for their photos of crimes and delicatessen.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von School Gallery / Olivier Castaing

Van der Mieden Gallery
@ photo basel:
Booth 5
Van der Mieden Gallery was founded in Antwerp in 2004 by Diederik van der Mieden. As of December 2015 the gallery relocated to the centre of Antwerp where a former bakery was transformed with the help of architect Paul Wauters. Van der Mieden Gallery represents national and international artists who explore the space between reality and abstraction, and does this without excluding any medium. The gallery program is dedicated to different fields of contemporary art with a clear focus on the represented artists and the development of their artistic work.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Van der Mieden Gallery

@ photo basel:
Booth 17
Beyond photography widmertheodoridis pursues artistic positions from the broader regional periphery, that have the potential to compete in a national and international environment. Young and established artists from the fields of photography, drawing, sculpture and video present peaceful and provocative works that also receive broad attention at the fairs.
The motivation of widmertheodoridis to show exciting and extraordinary positions far away from the urban centres takes on an unusual yet no less interesting relevance. This solitary location emphasizes on the one hand the original profile of the gallery and on the other hand it underlines the uniqueness of the represented artistic works.
The new gallery premises consist of a contemporary designed building, an outdoor space for installations and the newly renovated hay barn for installations and video projections.
The booth concept for photo-basel 2016 comprises three artists who sound out the medium of photography in their own unique way:
Simon Kappeler explores the limits of expired and infrared films.
Lydia Wilhelm uses photography to create object-like images of landscapes.
Kolja Linowitzki has designed a machine that creates unique images without a camera.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von widmertheodoridis

Éditions Xavier Barral
@ photo basel:
Since 2002, the Éditions Xavier Barral publish books taking a visual approach to the new shapes of photography, contemporary art and sciences. Each book is a singular object whose aesthetic and design choices take pride of place. Different points of views meet between artists and authors from around the world such as Jane Evelyn Atwood, Quentin Bajac, Daniel Buren, Clément Chéroux, Sophie Calle, Raphaël Dallaporta, Raymond Depardon, Rinko Kawauchi, William Kentridge, Josef Koudelka, Erik Orsenna, Martin Parr, Stephen Shore, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Jeff Wall. The catalogue lists over 100 critically acclaimed titles including D’après nature by Jean Gaumy (2010) and Vers l’Orient by Marc Riboud (2012), recipients of The Prix Nadar, as well as Anticorps by Antoine d’Agata, winner of the Rencontres d'Arles 2013 Author Book Award. More recently, Sergio Larrain, recipient of the 2015 Krasna-Krausz Book Award and Images of Conviction as Catalogue of the Year for the 2015 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards.
Beispiel der ausgestellten Bilder von Xavier Barral


find here the galleries and the exhibiting artists:
Laurence Bernard (Switzerland)    |    Solo Show Koka Ramishvili
Bildhalle (Switzerland)    |    Collect show Werner Bischof, René Groebli
Galerie Binôme (France)    |    Collect show Thibault Brunet, Lisa Sartorio
Dix9 (France)    |    Solo Show Sébastian Reimer
camara oscura galeria de arte (Spain)    |    Collect show: Elina Brotherus, Julia-Fullerton Batten, Ellen Kooi
Raffaella de Chirico Arte Contemporanea (Italy)    |    Solo Show Alenjandro Cartagena
FIFTY One Gallery (Belgium)    |    Solo Show Bruno Roels
Flatland Gallery (Netherlands)    |    Collect show Katharine Cooper, Erwin Olaf, Paolo Ventura
Galerie Christophe Gaillard (France)    |    Solo Show Pierre Molinier
Alain Gutharc (France)    |    Solo Show Jacques-Henri Lartigue
Galerija Fotografija (Slovenia)    |    Solo Show Radenko Milak & Roman
Grundemark Nilsson Gallery (Germany & Sweden)    |    Solo show Martin Mlecko
Galerie in camera (France)    |    Solo Show Robert Longo
Kahmann Gallery (Netherlands)    |    Collect show Casper Faassen, Sinke & van Tongeren
Kromus + Zink (Germany)    |    Solo Show Paul Kookier
MAGNIN-A (France)    |    Collect show Malick Sidibe, Nathalie Boutté, J-D,Ojeikere
Galerie Eva Meyer (France)    |    Solo Show Matt Lips
Catherine & André Hug (France)    |    Collect show Joni Sternbach, Kourtney Roy
School Gallery Olivier Castaing (France)    |    Collect show Gilles Caron, nicolas Dhervillers, Sacha Goldberger
Podbielski Contemporary (Germany)    |    Collect show Béatrice Minda, Loredana Nemes
Galerie Sit Down (France)    |    Collect show Jérôme Brézillon, Tom Wood, Alisa Resnik
Galerie Caroline Smulders (France)    |    Solo Show Gérard Malanga
Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève (France)    |    Solo Show Boris Mikhaïlov
Van der Mieden Gallery (Belgium)    |    Collect show Caio Reisewitz, Hanne van der Woude
FABIAN & CLAUDE WALTER (Switzerland)    |    Collect show Balthasar Burkhard, René Burri, Adrián-Fernández
widmertheodoridis (Switzerland)    |    Collect show Simon Kappeler, Lydia Wilhelm, Kolja Linowitzki
Galerie Esther Woerdehoff (France)    |    Collect show Iris Hutegger, Chema Madoz

2016/05/09. Subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.


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