switzerland´s first international art fair
solely dedicated to photography.


june 17 - 20, 2015


A fair in the economic sense is a temporary, recurring marketing event, but we see the sale as only one part of the entire project and the following sections outline our intent for the accompanying strands of the fair concept:

positions under <40.

Galleries will exhibit just artists who are mainly under the age of 40. Young prospects, talents, newcomers as well as upcoming, rising and emerging shooting stars.
Gallerists will show works created by photographic technique, including collages, experimental methods, and also mixed media. We do not wish to set divides between photography and media art, and will instead find alternative ways to showcase these different art forms together.


We may deviate from the principle of individual presentation of young artists for the exhibition of outstanding collections of work by photographers of the 19th and 20th centuries – for example representatives of the new objectivity, bauhaus or documentary photography.
Nevertheless, in the selection of exhibitors and projects we feel it is important to set criteria focusing on topical areas within photography such as portraiture, still life and reportage.
This year's classic section is in line with our curated special exhibition "DRIVE IN".

Editions «start to collect».

We believe it is important to encourage the purchase and collection of photography in a greater proportion of our target audience. Encouraging (affordable) art, in particular within younger crowds, is imperative in making this concept a sustainable one.

special exhibitions.

To enrich and broaden the fair’s content, we will provide an outstanding program about and for photography contents, to bring photography closer to the audience as well as young collectors. This will include panel discussions, side events and forums as well as walk troughs and special exhibitions. Each year, we will invite one art institution to participate at photo basel.


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